so good you’ll… cry?

has anyone purchased pecans lately? they’re beyond expensive. not thrifty, no (i do have thrifting scores to show you soon). but what else is there to do when your friend invites you to dinner, and you know that their favorite thing in the world is pecan pie? you buy pecans. even if they cost you seventeen dollars a pound.

then you find a recipe. i make pecan pie a couple of times a year. every time i make one, i do a google search and choose randomly, since generally, pecan pies are all the same: easy and basic. they’re hard to mess up. today i opted for this one called “the pie that will make you cry.” i picked it based only on the name, since happy tears are good for the soul, especially when they’re connected to the belly. i like a little extra salt in my pies anyhow. (i always use the joy of baking’s pate brisee recipe for crusts, and employ salted butter even for the sweet stuff.) when a recipe calls for corn syrup, i generally cut it down by half and swap out honey or agave for the remainder. corn syrup is nasty stuff. so, if you want your pie to look just like this one, do that!

you won’t be sorry, nope. at least, i hope not… we haven’t eaten it yet. it’s just sitting there on the counter, calling out, saying hello. it tells me it’s gonna be good. and if it’s not, my tears will not be ones of joy.


ps. we ate it. and then we kept eating more, “for pleasure only,” until our bellies were bursting.

(of note: the recipe i’ve linked to says this pie bakes for 50 minutes, but mine took about 70 to set up.)


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