thrifted things are people, too.

there’s been magic on the thrifting train of late! proof:

this lovely linen tablecloth would like to say, “come, dearie, sit down for a spell, and have a spot of tea.” so polite and inviting, she is. (she’s got a british accent, in case you were curious.)

… and here are some of her friends. they told me they’d like to take turns having breakfast with me all week. (they’re so relaxed they forgot to inquire about my schedule, which doesn’t include breakfast. they also forgot to inquire about whether i actually eat breakfast, which i do not.)

midcentury. orange. enamel. bowl. four exceptional qualities, indeed. “i love holding fruit,” she says… “go buy some bananas and grapes. organic only.” she’s kind of a snob.

the largest faux-fur pillowcase on earth told me she’d like to entertain some shagging by the fireplace. what a trollop!

the hankies do not like me to use words like trollop, because calling people names is bound to make them cry. they’ve gone to dry the pillowcase’s eyes.

and these three lidded pyrex beauties! the two smallers turned up at an estate sale last week, and the larger today at a thrift store. what luck! they have something to tell you, too… in the form of a song.

have you been out thrifting lately? what do your friendly finds have to say?



3 thoughts on “thrifted things are people, too.

    • i’m pretty broke, too! but i had a giftcard to goodwill, and none of these things cost more than $3 (except the pyrex, which was a bit more). how is the thrifting in canada, rachael? xo

      • thrifting is good in winnipeg if you know where to look. i’ve also seen people grab some good stuff at the thrift stores in the small towns. we also have a few good boutiques downtown that are worth a look. vancouver is chock full of them! i had a great time while i was there, traipsing down the streets to look in each one.

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