omens, luck, and waiting.

hi everyone! you’re probably wishing i would just shut up, already about wheel of fortune, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for that, i’m afraid. yesterday was audition day, and it was major funtimes. i will tell you i am ultra-pleased with my performance (and by performance i refer to both the performance of my brain and of theatrical game-show contestant behavior. ha.) i made it to the end of the end of eliminations, which is awesome and wonderful, but! it still doesn’t mean i’ll make the final cut. chances are better today, though, than they were yesterday, and i can’t turn my nose up at that.

also, might i add, the back of my (swollen) head appeared on the local news last night. see? i’m getting used to fame already. now it’s time for the fortune!

i’m not a gambler. i do enjoy dropping five bucks at slot machines every now and then, purely for fun and free coffee. the first time i played a slot machine was two years ago, on a layover at the las vegas airport. i think i had three quarters in my wallet. and just a few days ago, i was culling out some photos from my hard drive, and discovered this:i’d forgotten all about it, but am thinking this might be an omen- a sign from jah, if you will. a sign that i’m on the right path here, people, letting things play on out. there might be a fed-ex letter coming soon, there might be a phone call. and there might not be either. i might spin the real wheel of fortune wheel, and meet pat and vanna. and maybe not. i might win a million dollars, and i might win a case of spaghetti-o’s (that’s what my stepdad won when he lost on jeopardy), or something in-between. i’d be okay with any outcome, that’s truth.

in the meantime, waiting with a few butterflies.

have an excellent weekend, folks! go forth and be lucky. seek out some omens for yourself, (even if they’re corny).



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