minor, inane disasters

hello, people. today i thought i’d share a list of selected events from this morning:

♥ water spewing wildly from a bolt on the kitchen faucet, all the way into the bedroom

♥ unrelated, but in the same sink… one of my grandmother’s good silver spoons mangled in the disposal

♥ disposal removed and replaced

♥ disposal replaced with dish scrubber inside of a gasket

♥ disposal removed and replaced again

♥ twenty-four minutes spent on hold with insurance company… before getting disconnected.

♥ an unpaid, late, credit card bill unearthed in a pile of papers i should’ve gotten to weeks ago

also. today is the day i have carved out for doing my business taxes, which makes it just about my least favorite day of the year. it’s time for deep breaths and om-ing. watch my step, indeed!

the good news is that the sun is shining, and it’s only ten o’clock, and the coffee’s on. and so is the bachelor on hulu.

be careful out there, honeys. xo


3 thoughts on “minor, inane disasters

  1. A no good very bad day, as we like to call them in our house. I hope that you were able to salvage the silver and put it aside until you can find someone to make it into a beautiful bracelet or rings for you. Next, call the credit card company and argue the late charge and pay the regular payment over the phone. I’ve done this 2x and if you are usually on time with your payments they will remove the late fee. Just nicely tell them that you always pay on time and you missed the notice, it’s worth a try. I hope the rest of your week was loads better!

    • i should give them a call! i just sent it on in… and, i am never late with it, so maybe they’ll clear it? thanks, good plan! yes, the rest of the week (and that day, actually) were much silverier. hope you have a great weekend, lady!

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