spring uniform

my heart and my wallet battled it out over this one, folks, & my heart won… as it should, sometimes, i think. will you back me up? i got a new dress!!! i found it at tumbleweed, which is not the place to “just go browsing,” so be forewarned, should you venture to portland and do a bit of boutique shopping. everything at tumbleweed is just good, like this dress is good. it’s linen, cut on the bias, and makes my boobs look awesome (read: perkier than they actually are). belted, with boots or vans (plus tights & a cardigan on chilly days) this is it: hello, springtime uniform!

tell me, what are the must-haves in your spring wardrobe? the sun has been shining here. i’m ready for a little inspiration!



5 thoughts on “spring uniform

    • big yes!!!! i’ve been wanting to walk on the waterfront & look at blooming cherry trees; maybe we could take the kids on sunday? or, thursday night. week after next, i have most evenings free, too. miss you. xo

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