a thing i think you’ll like to eat.

for most of my life, i thought i didn’t like coleslaw. but back then, i didn’t know it could taste like that stuff up there does. my guess is that if you’re like me (if you don’t like coleslaw, that is), you might change your mind once you’ve eaten this. no promises! it’s just a hunch.

let me enumerate a few awesome things about this shaved salady thing, okay? it isn’t gloppily sogged with mayo (eew! no!!). it’s cheap! it’s freshy-tasting, kind of zingy! it’s better once it sits around in the fridge for a day or two… or four. it thinks outside the box. it makes you remember summer! it’s fast to make. it’s healthy! we all like those things, no?


for the dressing…
* 1/2 big dill pickle, minced super small
* salt & pepper, to taste (you’ll probably want more salt than you’d expect)
* a couple/few tablespoons each of canola-based mayo and brown rice vinegar and olive oil (you can use whatever mayo or vinegar you’ve got on hand; these are just my own favorites. i use less oil and more vinegar.)

for the salad…
* one smallish head of cabbage, sliced and diced
* 4-6 large carrots, grated


mix everything together with a big spoon. done.

this makes a lot of coleslaw, folks! (probably 10-12 generous servings.)

the thing with my cooking is that i don’t measure things, and i apologize for the vague instructions. this is a very forgiving little salad, though, and it wants you to use your imagination. throw a little bit of minced red onion if you like, use some lemon juice and honey, if that sounds good. capers are great in this. i like to change it up. if you don’t have enough dressing once you’ve mixed it all together, toss in some more vinegar and oil. taste it and add more of whatever seems right. then have yourself a bowl of crunchy goodness, and wait for tomorrow, and have some more.

have a great weekend, everyone! eat your veggies!



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