day off.

hello, and happy monday! yesterday sure felt like a real sunday, and i needed that. sorry my posting around here has been so erratic, these weeks have been busy in the way of taking care of business. nose to the grindstone. overscheduled. i’ve been acting like a grownup, slogging through a list of chores. juggling two jobs, relationships, taxes, springtime house maintenance, and mounting responsibilities involving my father’s care… well, i’ve worn a bit thin. tips on time management welcomed, folks!

yesterday, though, i acted like a little kid and did exactly what i wanted and nothing else. and i was not sorry. slept till eleven, walked the dog, made pie and roast a chicken. bobbled a crochet hook around in more granny squares. watched tv. it was glorious and revitalizing.

today is glorious, too, in fact. i’ve been working in the yard in the sunshine. there’s a truck full of compost parked in my driveway, & i’m about to go and shovel it around. if the plants aren’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. that’s what i think.

i’ll be back soon.



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