use it all.

when i eat meat, i try to get real about what i’m doing, and that is, i am eating an animal. maybe one day i’ll go vegan, and likely not. but i can’t in good conscience roast a chicken and then just throw it away, without extracting all of the nourishment it’s got to give. i grew up living alongside the animals we ate… pigs, chickens, and sheep. they were friends of mine, and slaughtering days were hard on me as a kid, but you can bet that once the salt pork was cured and ready, so was i, willing to reap the benefit of someone else’s sacrifice. nobody took that lightly in my family. closeness brings appreciation, you know.

i live in a city now, and don’t keep farm animals in my backyard, but when i eat meat, i do try to make sure it’s sourced as ethically as possible. and then… try to not waste any. here’s the usual route of what happens to a chicken at my house: clean it, roast it, eat it for dinner the first night. make a big pot pie the next night. eat that for a couple of days. then it’s time for either soup or stock.

i made stock yesterday, and then froze it in little mason jars. i don’t know why i’ve never thought of doing so before, since i use jars for, oh, everything, but typically i just pour all the liquid into a big ziploc bag, freeze that, and when i need stock for a recipe, take the bag out to the back porch and chip away at it with a knife and a hammer. i kept a hammer in my kitchen for this very purpose… so dumb! but those days are over, people… individual portions of chicken stock is where it’s at. use it up and make it easy! those are words to live by.



3 thoughts on “use it all.

  1. great photos – love the little indi stock jars. Can’t even begin to think about where the meat came from and what pet name it once had. Took part in slaughter at my family farm as a child and that did me in. Sucks too, I love a good steak.

  2. Oooh I love roast chicken! We make it about 1x week using the nicest-ly raised birds we can find at the co-op but my follow through on stock making is erratic. Usually I toss the carcass in a ziploc into the freezer telling myself I will do it later then end up with the freezer of a budding serial killer.

    What’s your go to recipe? I’m a fan of the plain Tom Keller recipe here ( , but always open to new ones!!

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