so close.

the blanket, it is done. not fully done done, but mostly. i still need to block it, and i don’t really know how that will pan out. i mean, how exactly does one block a blanket? i’m thinking on a tarp in the driveway might be a good bet, but the weather isn’t cooperating. not yet. so you’ll have to settle for this sneaky peek process photo, and i’ll have to settle for snuggling up under a mostly-finished-except-for-blocking blanket. which is basically something akin to heaven. it’s warm and heavy and invites a nap, even though i’m not a napper.

a friend asked me how long i spent on this thing, and i wasn’t sure. i sat down to calculate an approximate guess and came up with something in the neighborhood of 250 hours, plus. which is approximately insane. which could explain how i’ve watched more television in the last three months than i have in the last three years combined, including but not limited to: every single episode of say yes to the dress, united states of tara, downton abbey, queer eye, and judge judy on netflix. just so you know how ridiculous my taste is. i am lying about judge judy… she’s not on netflix. but if she were, watch out.

somehow there has been time for some other life around here, too. i’ll produce evidence of that life soon. but for now, maybe a nap. just for once. or, maybe… i’ll head back to knitting. good grief people, have you seen the beekeeper’s quilt yet?! it’s just too much muchy goodness. genius, in fact. even if you are not a knitter, you’ll want to be one after taking a gander. dreamy. if you can think of a better project for an ocd-style maker girl like myself, something rather portable, i am taking suggestions most currently. please do share!

wishing you a very happy weekend, howling under that big moon. xoxo


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