be my guest.

sunny skies in the pacific northwest, and we’ve got spring! and visitors, too, one after the other!

people i love + flowers in bloom + sunshine… all of this = a very glad me.

spring and summer is the time for the past to come into the present in my backyard. dear old friends are on heavy rotation in the love shack, and will be for the next few months.

they come, they eat, they walk around town. they sit at the table in the backyard and chat it up. they sit around a fire. they laugh. they sleep in a tiny house under warm blankets, between thrifted sheets, surrounded by local art. those are my promises to my dearhearts when they come to town.

a bottle of water, a bar of good chocolate, fresh flowers… those things make my guests feel special. a book or two, chosen with a friend’s tastes in mind, yes. 

how do you show your guests you’re so glad they’ve come?



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