this cake will make you popular.

it’s easier to write about cake than it is to write about what kind of wisdom i do have/ should have/ wish i had on my thirty-fifth birthday, which happened on monday. i think that post is coming. for now, a post about cake.

if i were a religious person, i’d call this cake heavenly. if i were looking for ways to speed up my life, i’d say it was to die for. but i’m neither religious nor suicidal, and i’m not into speaking in cliches about my food. here’s what i will say: this cake brings you right into whatever moment you are in, and makes you want to stay there forever. i overheard someone saying they hadn’t tasted anything better in ten years. if that’s not the kind of feedback we are looking for when we serve our neighbors cake, i don’t know what is.

i used this recipe here for the cake itself, and this one here for the frosting. i only used about 2 cups of toasted coconut flakes, instead of the 3 called for. be careful while you’re toasting them; i burned the first batch! instead of almond extract in the frosting, i just added more vanilla, since that’s what i had on hand.

this cake is moist, and not too sweet. the texture is light but you can still feel it in your mouth; it does not disappear until you want it to. the frosting is super delicious, and again… not too sweet. everyone around my table, even those watching their waistlines and those who announced themselves to be “gluten-free,” ate two thick slices.

little miss someone wishes she could, too. that’s my girl.



3 thoughts on “this cake will make you popular.

    • thanks, & you should go for it and let me know what you think! one thing: i, too, love coconut, but this cake is really more hinting at coconut than yelling it. coconut extract in the frosting might ramp it up some!

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