for toothbrushes, etc.

i don’t enjoy the term “toiletry bag,” maybe because i don’t want to be reminded of toilet anything while i’m brushing my teeth. what do you all call these things? please do share, i’m looking for alternative suggestions. “dopp kit” seems too manly, but i’m not a big “cosmetics” lady, either.

my last bag for toothbrushes, etc. was also handmade, gifted to me by my housemother in pau, france while i was studying abroad. i can’t remember her name, which is driving me crazy. i do remember she was beautiful, she loved camembert cheese, and men, she wore chanel perfume and plunging necklines. her daughter, nathalie, was rebellious and wonderful. i have a memory bubbling up involving a roundabout, high speeds, a small grey fiat. karaoke. a soccer team. her mother made me a toiletry bag.

i made this bag out of leftover cloth i had lying around, and think it’s pretty rad. [portland crafters: there are currently hell of zippers over at scrap (mostly giant jackety ones). ten for two bucks!] i’ve been sewing a lot. but the sun is out, now. off to the garden.



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