black and blue, take two.

last week, at the berry patch (third visit this year), i picked marionberries the size of my thumb, and a big bucket of blues, and ran home to make the pie i wrote about last year. i was impatient to get it into the oven, and didn’t even wash the berries first. but they’re organic, so… i think it’s alright. (isn’t it?) don’t call the health department; the evidence has left the building.
we have a child living in this little house for a while, people. she’s great, but it turns out that a 12 year old girl can pretty much do a pie in with great efficiency, so another will be made shortly (& after bedtime).the pie is a marker of time, i guess; looks to be nearly a year since i started this blog. so much has happened in one year, big things, small things. the hard and the soft. most things don’t go down as easy as pie, but i’ll tell you one thing: i am happy, so happy, to be alive, stained fingers and all, to roll out one more crust and feed the ones i love, to have ones to love, to have enough of everything and then some. at least two slices worth of life, i’d say. thanks for hanging in, folks. i like you.




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