if there’s a slice of sunshine to be found, she finds it. always. enjoy whatever morsels of warmth and light you can take for yourself, is her motto. sunshine, a game of string, some love, dog kisses, lap time, and three square meals a day: these are the keys to a happy cat life.

she told me the windowsill was just fine as-is, all skinny and un-softed, but it didn’t look too comfortable. i worried she was just being polite, as she tends to be. so i built her a little shelf for the princess bed.

& you know what? she says she likes it fine, thank you… she says yes, this is the perfect basking place for the sweetest kitty in the world (which is how she refers to herself when she is being modest).

i’ve been working on lots of little projects around here, but i’ve been soaking up summer while i can, too, so documentation is in the back seat, right next to an empty slurpee cup, in a pile of sand. we are heading into the woods today, to the secret magical place on the creek, with friends and family (this time, i won’t forget a tent!) but i’ll be back next week, with some good things to show you. stay cool friends, and get yourselves some vitamin d while it’s easy to come by. frida says she’d like that for you, and who can argue with her?



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