i have been renting a sweet little office for the last several years, and many times over those years i have silently promised myself that someday i would make cushions for the window seat. the cushions, however, have taken a backseat (har, har) to other projects time and time again. but, folks, their time has come. cushions made, and they are worth the wait. the comfort and the pretty’s been achieved, and i am stoked! 

i’ve made bias tape and piping once before, ten years ago when i was living in new mexico, and my landlady and i reupholstered a chair together. (she incorporated me into said project mainly, i am guessing, because piping isn’t the absolute most fun thing in the world to make.) bias tape and piping are time-consuming when you are slowpoke about sewing, i can attest. but, i can also attest they are worth it in the end, when your final item is completely dripping with awesome. (continuous bias tape tutorial here on the collette blog  //  piping tutorial here at sew mama sew.) being a slow sewer has its advantages, though… there are plenty of episodes of toddlers and tiaras to be seen, plenty of inner terror to cultivate while watching and sewing. the yin and the yang, friends… just pretend you’re conducting sociological research and call it good.
you might need to let go of your über-perfectionist tendencies, and learn to be okay with a wonky seam or two. they’ll happen.what else will happen is your seat on this seat, feeling glad. when you’re sitting in a window seat, all is right with the world. it’s true.

xo, emily


3 thoughts on “thrilling!

    • i run a small business but i have a kind of unusual security risk due to the nature of my work, so am ultra-careful about what i post online. i know that is a totally vague answer; i looked to see if i could message you via your blog to explain better but didn’t see how. feel free to email me and i will cause your curiosity to cease 🙂

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