triple digits.

the air is thick, and hazy warm, and mostly staying put… but crossing the river on a bridge on a bicycle you can feel things move, feel the cool mist of the water rise up to say hi. my bike & i are making friends with sweat and quads and what it’s like to be strong, to breathe easy again. summer is what i’ve been up to, summer things, as well as some boring-yet-life-enhancing stuff, and life-enhancing is nothing to scoff at, to be sure.

yesterday i hauled the a/c window unit out of the basement and propped it in the bedroom window. i will say that there was unladylike grunting involved, and perhaps utterance of an unladylike phrase or two, while i jury rigged a support beam & prayed not to self-decapitate (which, i am proud to say, i did not). so now: the house is cool, the outside is hot… & i do like it hot. oh summer, stick around awhile, will you?

because summer, you are the time for dates on bikes in a favorite dress to an outdoors dinner on the other side of town. you mean skate parks/ ice cream for dinner/ an hour every night watering the garden in quiet solitude/ craft beer/ eating what we grow/ pink nail polish/ mountain hikes to snowmelt waterfalls. etcetera. the good life.

this summer has included a whole lot of change, too. and though i’m not the most awesome welcomer of change, i’ve been letting it come, letting it go, and breathing. my little (and i mean little) home is currently home to a motley crew of currently houseless friends, including: one australian reality tv star (waiting for a second gig), one midwife, one child trying to be a grownup, and two street dogs who were recently smuggled out of the galapagos islands by hard core environmental activists. one of the dogs is named maria. oh, the weirdness, the bustle, the line at the bathroom door.

think of your favorite thing about summer. have you done it yet? go and have yourself a lovely weekend, friends. xo


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