summer sweet.

hi friends, thank you for some sweet words about my last post. i’m glad you want to hear about real life and vaginas. this morning, though, i’m thinking more about how to hang on to the balmy summertime days, how to make these memories last a bit longer. we’ve taken bike rides after dinner all week. the carpenter picked sweet peas and straw in the meadow at the bluffs at sunset, a bouquet for my bike basket. the big tree in the back yard is shaking out some leaves already, crunch crunch crunch. a glass of pink wine and crunching around in the yard go nicely together. there is a feeling to go along with pink wine, a feeling of… i should be wearing a housedress and smoking a virginia slim, letting the ash grow long and spindly, waving goodbye to someone driving off in a chevy nova. something like that. something slightly tinged with sadness and change. something slightly tacky and glamorous, in a lee-press on nail kind of a way. falltime is coming. it’s been awhile since i’ve built a fire.
the hummingbirds are still all summer buzz, though. they wake me every morning, peeping around in the hibiscus tree. they’re so tiny and so loud! everything is full of leaf and bloom and fruit, we are eating what we’ve sown and it tastes sweet and clean, like work and the passage of time. i wish summer would last forever. not forever, but twice as long as it will. it’s supposed to hit 90 this week.

this weekend, i’ve got friends in town. we will eat bacon corn hash, and drink strong coffee, and remember fun/ awkward/ hilarious stories about high school. i finished painting the back porch, & front porch, i’m coming for you. i’m having a yard sale on labor day. how much living i can cram into a weekend is quite a lot. i hope so. have a great weekend, folks! put your feet up some, if you can. dangle your legs into water  someplace. rock on a hammock. i’ll be back next week with pictures of something totally awesome. gypsy caravan, anyone? yes, ’round here we think so.



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