the wind at my back

these weeks have been a flurry, friends, running all day and then, feet up for an hour and flopping into bed. summer things have been accomplished, and big changes are happening, too, career-wise. i was offered a new position at an old job, but this one is salaried, is fulltime, means financial security. i have never been terribly motivated by money, but hand-to-mouth living has been privately getting me down for awhile now, and i’m willing to let go of a certain amount of freedom in exchange for paying my mortgage without experiencing palpitations. i’ll keep my business running on the side, and breathe deeply and work on time management and on letting go of things like estate sales on fridays when the magic happens. (sad face.)

but that is all really okay; it is. because when you let go of things you get lighter, you can feel the currents pushing and you can move with them instead of against. when you let go of what’s extra you can hear your own heart beating. and when you listen, it gets louder and louder and louder. i’m placing my bets on that.





3 thoughts on “the wind at my back

  1. i hear ya sister. im working in the same way you’re working so i can save up to run my own business OR SOMETHING. i need to figure out the balance thing still!


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