the things we do for love.

miss v turned eleven. i cannot say in words what this girl means to me, so i don’t write about her much, but she is the closest dear one to my heart. every time i think about her when i’m away from home, every time i give her a kiss on top of that scruffy nape of hers, i am a bowl of mush. this is the friend who taught me much of what i know of love. this is the friend who devotes her life to mine, who doesn’t hold mistakes against me, who never judges, whose good cheer and sweetness and pluck are limitless. yes yes yes yes yes, she says to life. this girl is an adventurer and so, i did something pretty nerdy & i got her a bike trailer.

we’ve been riding bikes most evenings & taking long weekend rides in and around the city (currently sweet on the springwater corridor), & thought miss v might enjoy these jaunts as well. thanks to kenny, a redheaded firefighter who listed it on craigslist, & who charged only a tiny fraction of what he paid for it, v is now styled out in a brand new burley tail wagon. kenny, you are awesome!

i was a little bit worried that she’d be scared of it, so i introduced it along with a side of bacon. bacon makes anything not-scary, and the verdict came in fast: the girl adores her new wheels. (here’s a link to our new theme song.)

i hope your week is off to a nice start!



3 thoughts on “the things we do for love.

  1. That was very funny- just read your post without looking at the picture! Try it- you will also be wondering what it is you are going on about. The bacon really threw me off:) I have got me one of those…minus the bike trailer. Love! julie

  2. Love, love, love this post! I can feel the love you two have for each other as you share about your sweet Miss V! I am a dog-lover (all animals, actually) myself, so I would probably do the same thing if I had the chance. I don’t think I’ll be going on any bike rides with my big 108 lb. lab anytime soon, though. He will just have to settle for the occasional trip in the truck. He is 13-years old and has a hard time getting in and out, or I would take him with me more often.

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