we’ll dip our toes in and start with these:

porch lace stoneandsea horse mccoy christmas pink twinklepictures of things i planned to write about, but haven’t made the words for… clearing out the mental backlogs, just like that. cheers to fresh starts in our good old lives! 2013, i love you already. let’s do this.



the things we do for love.

miss v turned eleven. i cannot say in words what this girl means to me, so i don’t write about her much, but she is the closest dear one to my heart. every time i think about her when i’m away from home, every time i give her a kiss on top of that scruffy nape of hers, i am a bowl of mush. this is the friend who taught me much of what i know of love. this is the friend who devotes her life to mine, who doesn’t hold mistakes against me, who never judges, whose good cheer and sweetness and pluck are limitless. yes yes yes yes yes, she says to life. this girl is an adventurer and so, i did something pretty nerdy & i got her a bike trailer.

we’ve been riding bikes most evenings & taking long weekend rides in and around the city (currently sweet on the springwater corridor), & thought miss v might enjoy these jaunts as well. thanks to kenny, a redheaded firefighter who listed it on craigslist, & who charged only a tiny fraction of what he paid for it, v is now styled out in a brand new burley tail wagon. kenny, you are awesome!

i was a little bit worried that she’d be scared of it, so i introduced it along with a side of bacon. bacon makes anything not-scary, and the verdict came in fast: the girl adores her new wheels. (here’s a link to our new theme song.)

i hope your week is off to a nice start!


for toothbrushes, etc.

i don’t enjoy the term “toiletry bag,” maybe because i don’t want to be reminded of toilet anything while i’m brushing my teeth. what do you all call these things? please do share, i’m looking for alternative suggestions. “dopp kit” seems too manly, but i’m not a big “cosmetics” lady, either.

my last bag for toothbrushes, etc. was also handmade, gifted to me by my housemother in pau, france while i was studying abroad. i can’t remember her name, which is driving me crazy. i do remember she was beautiful, she loved camembert cheese, and men, she wore chanel perfume and plunging necklines. her daughter, nathalie, was rebellious and wonderful. i have a memory bubbling up involving a roundabout, high speeds, a small grey fiat. karaoke. a soccer team. her mother made me a toiletry bag.

i made this bag out of leftover cloth i had lying around, and think it’s pretty rad. [portland crafters: there are currently hell of zippers over at scrap (mostly giant jackety ones). ten for two bucks!] i’ve been sewing a lot. but the sun is out, now. off to the garden.


handmade morning

i paid attention to my whimmy desires this morning and did a bit of sewing. i intended to make a fabric bowl sort of thing, but ended up with something more like a baskety tote (pattern based loosely on this tutorial… sized way way up. instructions found on an adorable blog called vlijtig). i pulled some old tea towels/ lacy napkins/ linens from the thrifted pile & sewed them up. i used part of a deconstructed down blanket (leftover from the princess bed) for the interfacing. it’s lined in the softest pinstripe cotton voile, found on super clearance at the depot.

big thanks to my old friends coffee and this american life. and big thanks to whimmy desires… i should listen to you more often.

hoping you’re all enjoying this long weekend, and giving in to the sparks of your fancies!


thrifted things are people, too.

there’s been magic on the thrifting train of late! proof:

this lovely linen tablecloth would like to say, “come, dearie, sit down for a spell, and have a spot of tea.” so polite and inviting, she is. (she’s got a british accent, in case you were curious.)

… and here are some of her friends. they told me they’d like to take turns having breakfast with me all week. (they’re so relaxed they forgot to inquire about my schedule, which doesn’t include breakfast. they also forgot to inquire about whether i actually eat breakfast, which i do not.)

midcentury. orange. enamel. bowl. four exceptional qualities, indeed. “i love holding fruit,” she says… “go buy some bananas and grapes. organic only.” she’s kind of a snob.

the largest faux-fur pillowcase on earth told me she’d like to entertain some shagging by the fireplace. what a trollop!

the hankies do not like me to use words like trollop, because calling people names is bound to make them cry. they’ve gone to dry the pillowcase’s eyes.

and these three lidded pyrex beauties! the two smallers turned up at an estate sale last week, and the larger today at a thrift store. what luck! they have something to tell you, too… in the form of a song.

have you been out thrifting lately? what do your friendly finds have to say?