how we do.

this morning i  heard that hooters is giving free hot wings to moms on mother’s day. i will tell you that no matter how broke i happen to be i will not be taking my mom to hooters for free wings, ever. not that she has a problem with boobs or anything. i love my mom for a million reasons, not the least of which being that she could seriously give a hoot about mother’s day. pun intended.

my mother is not exactly the mommy type. you know the one i’m talking about… the wide lap, the cookies in the oven, the one who says things like, “let’s go get a manicure, just us girls.” nope. she is also not much of a cook (don’t tell her i said that)… but the woman makes a mean salad dressing. when it comes to salad dressing, this is how we do:

two thirds olive oil, the good stuff. (we ran out last night, so the photo you see is rather misleading)
one third vinegar. red wine or balsamic.
salt & pepper.
dijon mustard.
honey & lemon, but just a little bit of each.
fresh garden herbs, minced.

shake it up.

mom’s ideal dinner (mine, too): baguette, cheese, a big fat homegrown tomato, and salt. and that dressing. summer is coming, yes. and before summer, mother’s day. i will tell you some stories about that lady, soon soon. she’s the real deal.

what is the one thing your mama made that just screams pure mom to you?




2 thoughts on “how we do.

  1. My Mom was a lousy cook, I do remember a time when she baked a few things that turned out pretty darn good. I like to make salad dressing just like you do. I enjoy going out to the herb garden and grabbing a handful of what-ever and tossing it in. Now, I’m hungry. Looking forward to you spillin’ on mom.

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